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We have migrated to Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 over 40 companies and over 1000 users. The email addresses will not change, they will keep the format [email protected], however they will be kept in the safest possible place the market has to offer.
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Advantages for migrating your company's services to the cloud

No matter the size and type of your company, the problem of employee colaboration and data security are vital for efficiency and business continuity.
Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 both offer complete cloud backup and storage for both your emails and documents in the safest non-custom option out there.

In today's growing concern of ransomware (malware encrypting all the data that a user has access to, including the data on the servers) and employee mobility (work from home, field operations), granting users access to company resources on a need-to-know basis and via VPN has become of vital importance.

Video calls to a higher quality than alternatives like Zoom and Skype, instant messaging groups, shared address books and syncronisation between a user's devices are just some of the advantages that cloud hosting offers.

The 2018 European data protection ruling requires that all EU individuals' private data be kept either encrypted (e.g. in Microsoft's or Google's cloud) or obfuscated (separating the data so that individuals cannot be indentified). Of the two options, encryption is included in the cloud services.

Unlike the option of hosting your company's IT services on premises, cloud hosting saves on hardware (redundant servers, backup internet provider, server room cooling) and software acquisition.

Cloud vs local advantages

Both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace guarantee a 99.9% yearly up-time for their online services.
Multi-factor authentication, centralized users management and real-time alerts in cases of potential dangers.
Simultaneous editting of files for two or more users, video presentations, IM (instant messaging).
Business Continuity
User access to company resources does not depend on head quarter's internet or its local servers hardware health.

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace cloud prices

MS 365 Business Basic
  • 50GB email storage
  • 1TB spatiu fisiere
  • Outlook for web, Teams, OneDrive
  • EUR 5.1 for annual acquisition
Google Workspace Business Starter
  • 30GB email and file storage
  • Customizable and safe business email
  • 100 participants video meeting
  • Centralized security management
Google Workspace Business Standard
  • 2TB email and file storage
  • Shared Drive access
  • 150 participants video meeting
  • Centralized security management

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