• 2006

    The beginning is the hardest
    At first called "Service Calculatoare", the company is the project of 3 university colleagues and friends, with a passion for IT and the belief that outsourcing IT services is an SMB's best option when it comes to cost optimization and data security.
  • 2011

    Focus on innovation and first rebranding
    In the first 5 years we managed to gather a significant number of close customer partnerships (most of which are still customers to this day) and have decided to specialize on innovation by always offering the newest tech in IT, focusing on data security and collaboration. The new vision required a brand update so in 2011 we rebuilt our image from the ground up.
  • 2016

    Speed increase and adapting the business
    Innovation requires adapting to our customers' continuously changing business needs, so we had to change our business model accordingly. We defined our target customer more precisely and implemented procedures and technical solutions that enabled us to respond more quickly to what was needed. It was a fundamental change from our previous reactionary stance (break and fix) mirrored by another, final rebranding.
  • 2018

    Choosing the team and brand image
    Since 2018, Remote IT's team has been unchanged. Service automation through the implementation of ticketing and resource management solutions has allowed us to organically increase our customer base without increasing the team. We could therefore focus on efficiency and training.

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