Why Outsource
your IT?

A fixed monthly subscription allows easy budgeting and cost reduction of IT maintenance, a response time guaranteed by SLA (Service Level Agreement) through the year (no vacation or sick days) as well as the benefit of working with a team, as opposed to a single employee.
The decision between an in-house IT vs outsourcing it generally comes down to:

When a problem arises that cannot be solved remotely, an in-house employee can respond much quicker than an external contractor (as long as they are not away from the office).

Generally, companies with 100 employees or fewer prefer the flexibility of a tax-deductible monthly retainer to an in-house system administrator, due mainly to cost considerations.

No matter how well prepared, the knowledge of an in-house IT manager cannot surpass an entire team's.

What does an IT subscription include?

IT Auditing
We analyze current and potential issues and propose measures to eliminate them or decrease their impact.
24/7/365 IT Support
An entire team with 15+ years of experience awaits your call. No vacations, no holidays.
Service Level Agreement 1h/4h
The standard maximum response time we guarantee is 1h for remote support and 4h for on-site interventions.
Data Security IT Consultancy, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
We monitor the hardware and software health of your devices and propose protection measures against access to company resources.

Here are some subscription examples!

  • Guaranteed response time
  • 1h of support included
  • On site & remote support
  • IT consultancy and helpdesk
  • 24/7 Support
  • 8h of support included
  • Off-site backup
  • Security, cloud migration, GDPR consultancy
  • Max 1h response time
  • 12h+ of support included
  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • Complete IT services

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